Breast cancer as a fast moving target:
What are the most important treatment and diagnosis updates during the last 2 years?


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Guidelines for the treatments of LABC and MBC ABC2F. Cardoso


Metastatic process-basic overview – chair: S. Radulović
Liquid biopsy: Tumor diagnosis and treatment monitoring in a blood testR. Janković


Specific metastatic sites: focus on bone metastases – chair: S. Šušnjar
Bone marrow metastases/impact on disease outcomeS. Šušnjar
Prevention of bone metastases: role of adjuvant bisphosphonatesT. Badovinac-Crnjević
Prevention of bone metastases: role of RANKL inhibitor denosumabM. Milović-Kovačević


Why metastatic breast cancer is not curable? Part 1 – chair: Z. I. Tomašević
General mechanisms of drug resistance: focus on chemotherapyZ. M. Tomašević
Mechanism of hormone drug resistanceLj. Stamatović
Mechanism of monoclonal antibody drug resistance: focus on trastuzumabZ. I. Tomašević
Mechanisms of TKIs drug resistance: focus on lapatinibS. Vasović


Why metastatic breast cancer is not curable? Part 2 – chair: S. Vasović

J. Gligorov
– What is the mechanism of late metastases development?
– Immune system failure or something else? What significance has lymphocytic infiltration in the vicinity of breast cancer?
– Impact of chronic inflammation and breast cancer


Specific subtypes: HER2 positive BC (short overview of anti-HER2 options) – chair: Lj. Stamatović

G. Curigliano
– Anti-HER2 vaccines
– Lapatinib and dual HER2 blockade: Pertuzumab, TDM-1
– Antibody Bio- similar drugs: to trust, doubt, or accept inevitable?


Specific subtypes: triple negative BC – chair: I. Božović
Bad news or might be not? A. Filipović
Chemotherapy: is better to use platinum agents and why?Z. Murtezani
Biology therapy (PARP, BEV): a case dismissed?I. Božović

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